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Nepali Naming Ceremony Nwaran

Why are baby naming ceremonies so important?

If you ask about the significance of baby naming ceremonies in Nepali culture, the ceremony is actually performed to increase the child's longevity and prosperity.

This ritual gives a child a birth name according to their lunar horoscope. This is usually a religious name and is different than their formal names.

On that occasion, the ceremony is performed to cleanse any sins resulting from the ovum and fetus, to extend the life span so that the kid may succeed in all endeavors and receive God's grace. The mother and child are not allowed to visit the temple until they have been "purified" (from a religious standpoint).

How to do a baby naming ceremony in Nepal step-by-step

Inviting a priest to conduct the ceremony at home is standard, as the mother is still recovering in the house with the kid.

The priest will ask the mother about the baby's birth date, what the baby looks like, and their astrological birth time to determine an auspicious name. In some cases, the naming is done by a close relative of the baby instead.

A baby's name is determined in the womb, just as its gender is. Sound, touch, form, taste, and smell all exist together. As a result, the appearance of a child corresponds to their name.

The name is usually chosen from Sanskrit origins and has different meanings depending on the culture.

After the priest has chanted the auspicious name of the child, it is announced to everyone present, and sweets are distributed.

The worship of Lord Ganapati, Punyahavachan, the Matruka deities (Matrukapujan), and Nandishraddha is part of it.

All the puja samagri (offerings and worshipping materials) are kept clean and ready for the Havan (Homam).

These include Kalash, coconut, the Puja vasthra (cloth), coins, etc. The worshipping and offerings are done facing east or west.

The number of persons you will invite may determine where you choose to host your ceremony.

The priest does the aarti of the baby and offers his blessings.

He also ties a yellow and red Mauli (holy thread) around the baby's wrist for protection from the evil eye.

After the ceremony, the puja sthal (the place where the ceremony was performed) may be cleaned up after sunset or the next day. The fruits are offered as Prasad to everyone invited.

The mother and child are not supposed to visit the temple for three months after the birth of the child, according to the Hindu religion. After these three months, they can visit a temple or participate in any religious activity. 

What are the essentials for performing a naming ceremony in Nwaran namakaran?

Things you need for a traditional Nepal baby naming ceremony: You will need many things to perform a Nwaran ceremony. Here is a list of some of the things you will need:

A priest

The priest will be the one to determine the name of the baby based on the astrological birth time, date, and appearance of the baby.

Puja sthal

You will need a clean and quiet place to do the ceremony. You will need a place to perform the ceremony. This can be done either inside or outside of your home.

The child's birth date, time, and astrological chart

You will need to know when the child was born to determine an auspicious name.

Puja materials (Puja samagri)

There are many puja materials that you will need to perform the ceremony. These include


The Kalash is a sacred vessel that is used in Hindu ceremonies. It is usually made of brass or copper and is filled with water.


The coconut symbolizes fertility and is used in many Hindu ceremonies.


Flowers are used as offerings to the deities. FruitsFruits are used as Prasad (offerings) to the guests after the ceremony.

Puja vasthra (cloth)

The puja vasthra is a cloth that is used to cover the Kalash. It is usually made of silk or cotton.


Fruits are offered as Prasad to everyone who is invited to the ceremony.


A Mauli is a black and red thread tied around the baby's wrist for protection from the evil eye.


Sweets are distributed to everyone present at the ceremony.

Other necessary puja samaghri as needed (vermilion powder (aabir), keshari, rice, incense, candles, coins, etc.)

What Gifts Should You Bring to a Namkaran Ceremony?

On the day of the child's naming, friends and family give the newborn presents as a sign of good wishes. If you are attending a namkaran ceremony, it is important to know what gifts to bring.

Different types of gifts can be provided based on friendship and financial constraints. Gifts may also be chosen, keeping in mind the needs of the infant.

Here are some gift suggestions:

Gold and silver ornaments: Gold and silver coins and ornaments are considered auspicious to gift gold and silver ornaments to a newborn. The ornaments can be in the form of anklets, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, chains, pendants, and rings.

Clothes: A must-have for every newborn, clothes are a practical and timeless gift. You can choose from an array of baby clothes such as sleepers, bodysuits, rompers, etc. Make sure to buy clothes in neutral colors like white, cream, or beige so that they can be used for both boys and girls. You can also buy clothes as a shower gift before the baby is born.

Blankets: Blankets make for another great and practical gift for infants. They keep the baby warm and cozy and can be used for years to come. Choose blankets made from soft and natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo. You can also opt for personalized blankets with the baby's name and birth date embroidered on them.

Nepali Dhaka blanket: It is a good gift item to bring to a baby shower ceremony.

Baby essentials: Baby essentials like diapers, wipes, baby oil, lotion, powder, shampoo, soaps, and creams are always useful.

Toys: Toys are a great way to encourage the baby's cognitive and motor development. Choose toys that are age-appropriate and safe for the infant. You can also buy a set of educational toys that can be used as the child grows older.

Gift baskets: Gift baskets are a great way to give newborns everything they need in one go. You can buy a pre-made baby gift basket or make your own. Make sure to include essential items like clothes, blankets, toys, books, etc., in the basket. You can also add a few luxury items like scented candles, gourmet chocolates, etc.

Gift coupons and cash: If you are short on time or do not know what to gift, you can always give the parents' cash or gift coupons. This way, they can buy whatever they need for the baby. Make sure to put the cash or coupon in a card or an envelope and write a heartfelt message for the parents and child.

Naming ceremonies are an important part of Hindu tradition. They are a way to welcome a new life into the world and bestow them with a name that will be used for the rest of their lives.


What is the significance of the Nwaran ceremony?

The Nwaran ceremony is a traditional Hindu ritual that celebrates the birth of a child. The priest gives the child a name according to their horoscope and the blessings of the deities. The ceremony is a way to welcome the child into the world and bestow them with a name that will be used for the rest of their lives.

What are the things you need for Nwaran?

You will need a Mauli (black and red thread), sweets, as well as other puja samagri (ceremonial items).

How do you do Nwaran?

A priest visits the home to give the child a name according to the baby's birth details and corresponding horoscope. The family offers puja (prayers) to the priest, who then ties a black and red thread around the baby's wrist. He also offers blessings to the child and family.

What are some gift ideas for Nwaran?

Gold and silver ornaments, clothes, blankets, toys, gift baskets, coupons, and cash are all great gift ideas for Nwaran.

How can I make my own Nwaran gift basket?

You can make your own Nwaran gift basket by including essential items like clothes, blankets, toys, books, etc., in the basket. You can also add a few luxury items like scented candles, gourmet chocolates, etc.

Written by

Shubhechchha Maharjan
Shubhechchha is a cultural enthusiast who loves exploring and understanding Nepalese rituals. She shares her knowledge and insights through her blog at Lalmon to help others appreciate these traditions.

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