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Dhaka Topi Nepali

Dhaka topi is the traditional headgear of Nepal. It is made of Dhaka cloth and usually has different color patterns. Men wear it on special occasions like weddings and festivals. Wearing a Dhaka topi is not as simple as just putting it on your head. There is a certain way to wear it!

What Is The Meaning Of Dhaka Topi?

The Dhaka Topi, the humility that Nepalese people wear on their heads, is an important component of the national male costume – Daura Suruwal. This hat is a symbol of Nepalese nationality. It's got numerous forms with various names.

How The Dhaka Topi Is Woven And Its History?

The Dhaka cloth industry has been passed down for many generations. The Kiratis were formerly silk producers in the early days before Ranas came to rule over them. According to etymology, some sources claim that the term Kirat itself is a compound version of Kereta: silkworm. According to some sources, the word Kirat comes from Kerata: meaning silkworm. These Nepalese civilizations have thus inherited the spiritual treasure of cloth-making.

What Is The Origin of Dhaka Topi?

The fabric was originally brought in from Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh). Thus, we also refer to it as a Dhaka Topi. It's a hand-spun cotton weaving with bright, beautiful designs that are named after the city of Dhaka.

The Dhaka topi is a popular Nepalese national dress symbol of national identity. It became fashionable during King Mahendra's reign (1955–1972) when it became necessary to wear a Dhaka topi for official photographs for passports and other paperwork. During the years of King Mahendra, rentable Dhaka topis were available near the Singha Durbar.

What Is The Difference Between Bhadgaule Topi and Dhapa Topi?

Bhadgaule Topi: The original name of the Bhaktapur city within the Kathmandu valley was Bhadgau. The black Nepalese hat, produced solely in Bhadgau by members of the Newar community, is known as Bhadgaule topi. High-ranking government officials and security personnel commonly wear it.

Dhaka Topi: The Nepalese hat, commonly known as a Dhaka Topi or Nepali Topi, is a hat that forms part of Nepalese national dress.

Nepali Dhaka Topi With Khukuri

Some people prefer to wear Nepali Topi with a metal Khukuri batch. Khukuri symbolizes the bravery of Gurkhas. It is also a religious and cultural symbol for Hindus.

The wearing of a topi has become widespread among the Nepali diaspora in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Middle East, and other countries.

What Is Dhaka Fabric Made Of?

Dhaka topis are made from hand-spun cotton. The Dhaka hand-spun cotton inlay pattern weaving used to create intricately patterned, bright panels for Dhaka topis is the finest and most visible Nepalese cotton textile.

The fabric for these high-quality pre-dyed cotton garments is from India and created by experts in intricate patterns with just a few colors. The Dhaka topi has a multicolored design that includes red, green, gray, blue, brown, and other tans. They're also adorned with a golden thread to make them sparkle.

Where Is The Best Places To Buy A Dhaka Topi In Nepal?

You can also purchase Dhaka topi online from websites that sell Nepalese and Himalayan handicrafts. Most Dhaka cloth is now produced in the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, and Palpa districts in the middle mountainous region. Limbus and Rais from the middle mountains are renowned for their Dhaka cloth.

How To Wear A Dhaka Topi?

Dhaka topi is generally worn with the traditional Nepali dress, Daura Suruwal. The best way to wear a Dhaka topi is by tilting it slightly to the right side. You can also wear it straight if you want to, but most Nepalese people prefer the former way.

When To Wear A Dhaka Topi?

You can wear a Dhaka topi on any occasion. However, if you're going to a formal event, it is better to wear a Dhaka topi.

How To Take Care Of Your Dhaka Topi?

You can hand-wash your Dhaka topi in cold water with a mild detergent. You can also machine-wash it on a gentle cycle. After washing, you should let it air dry. Do not wring it or expose it to direct sunlight.

When Is Dhaka Topi Diwas?

Dhaka Topi Diwas is celebrated on January 1st every year in Nepal. The organization Jagaruk Yuwa Abhiyan Nepal began the act four years ago to preserve the country's cultural identity.

Even today, many indigenous groups use Dhakai cloth in religious ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Even though several hand-looms produce it, they still struggle to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for Dhaka topi.

While Dhaka apparel no longer reigns supreme in Nepalese fashion, it is still an important element of the culture and identity of Nepal. While many Nepalis now only wear a cap when they attend a cultural event, many others continue to wear costumes made of Dhaka regularly and on different occasions.

Dhaka topis are given away as presents during the Dashain and Tihar festivals. Government officials also wear Dhaka topi as part of the national attire in Nepal.

Written by

Sunita Shrestha
Sunita is a Nepalese expat who has been passionate about weddings since her childhood. She is the author of the Nepali Wedding blog on Lalmon and has a wealth of experience in wedding planning and customs.

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